DIY Slates ‘Shatner Project’ For Oct. 23

DIY Network’s new renovation series, The Shatner Project, stars William Statner as project manager for his own home remodel.

The show will center around Shatner and his wife Elizabeth as they work to transform their 1970's style home. The six-episode series is set to air Thursday, Oct. 23 at 10 p.m.

“I bought this house when I finished Star Trek. I jogged by it every day and thought it was beautiful,” Shatner said in a release. “One hundred years ago, the original home was a one-room hunting lodge. Over the decades, it was expanded into a family home and then I bought it in the 1970s.”

A designer and a construction crew will help the Shatners in the premiere episode, where they demolish the kitchen for a total overhaul.