DIY Picks Up Scrap

Could the next big thing be -- scrapbooking? Probably not, but DIY is giving the concept a limited look-see anyway.

On Monday, the network will premiere Scrap, a five-part limited series with host Scott Petti, who, a release said, has "tattoo-laden arms" and has run "a major company's imageneering department for the past nine years" where he helps to "design, paint and sculpt sets, models and props for theme parks." (Hmm, could it possibly be -- Disney? Yes!)

He shares untraditional techniques to what's called "traditional scrapbooking" ideas, as well as crafting and construction out-of-the-box projects. Such as? Unique photographic refrigerator magnets to invitations made out of martini glasses, and making photo albums from seaweed sea shells and sand.

There are guests, too.

Scrap airs through Nov. 17 at 3:30 p.m. daily on DIY, a Scripps Networks outlet in 40 million homes.