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Disney Channel To Bow Puppet Series, Where Is Warehouse Mouse?

Disney Channel will pose the question Where is Warehouse Mouse?, when it bows the new short-form series later this month.

Featuring the puppet character from the "Playhouse Disney" show Imagination Movers, the spinoff series will spotlights Warehouse Mouse as he tries his hand at creative problem solving like his mentors from the progenitor show. Each episode finds Warehouse Mouse with a problem that requires a creative solution. Some of his adventures include trying to peel a banana, get an empty can into a large recycling bin and tackle a cuckoo clock that is keeping him awake. After a series of misfires, he manages to solve the problem and enjoy the fruits of his success.

Multichannel News' Through The Wire first reported the series plan in June, as part of an interview with the Imagination Movers cast.

Warehouse Mouse will bow with a quartet of episodes on Aug. 24: "Clock Shock" at 8:25 a.m. (ET)/(PT); "Hammock Time" at 8:55 a.m.; "Going Bananas" at 9:25 p.m.; and "Fly Away" at 9:55 a.m.