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Dish: Set-Tops Forecast Clinton Wins Presidential Election

After DirecTV took a beating over a set-top box glitch that left some conservative newshounds without their Fox News Channel fix last week, the second largest satellite TV service provider—Dish Network—found a more politicized use for the rectangular channel changers, predicting that Hillary Clinton will defeat Donald Trump in the presidential election Tuesday.

Dish predicted Republicans will control the U.S. House of Representatives, but that Democrats should pick up two additional seats. The Senate was too close to call.

DirecTV set the conspiracy wheels spinning last week after its customers lost the HD feed of Fox News, CNN and six other networks for parts of Thursday and Friday.  Some Trump supporters took to the web to blame the blackout on a liberal conspiracy to block news concerning the republican candidate. DirecTV fixed the problems for most of its customers by Friday afternoon.

Dish didn’t lose service, but it did use set-top box information to glean data to predict the outcome of the election, part of its “Viewers to Voters” initiative.

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