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Discovery Times to Re-Examine RFK Assassination

The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy will be the subject of a new Discovery Times Channel special airing Wednesday.

Conspiracy Test: The RFK Assassination will focus on a never-before-broadcast audio recording that Discovery Times executives said could provide new evidence supporting the theory that a second gunman killed Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles June 5, 1968. Sirhan Sirhan confessed to the murder and his defense team entered an insanity plea, leaving much of the crucial evidence unchallenged in court, according to the network.

Through the new audiotape -- recorded by a free-lance journalist -- the special will examine the findings of a team of forensic audio specialists suggesting that the number of shots heard may have exceeded the maximum eight rounds fired by Sirhan’s gun. A second test by a firearms expert is expected to determine if some of the shots on the recording exceed the maximum firing rate of Sirhan’s 22-caliber Cadet model Iver Johnson revolver.