Discovery Takes Flight with GlobalFlyer

Discovery Communications Inc. wants to fly around the world without stopping.

The programmer is teaming up with Northern Ireland independent Brian Waddell Productions Ltd. to co-produce a documentary on renowned aviator Steve Fossett’s upcoming attempt to complete the first solo nonstop flight around the world in the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer.

DCI said BWPL has acquired exclusive behind-the-scenes access to film the event for broadcast later this year on Travel Channel in the United States and on Discovery Channel in international markets.

The programmer said the GlobalFlyer will depart from Salina, Kan., as early as Feb. 8 to travel a distance of 25,000 miles at 45,000 feet in excess of 250 knots (285 miles per hour) during the estimated 67-hour flight around the planet.

To capture every detail, a documentary crew will shadow the aircraft throughout its journey in a seven-seater chase plane. A camera will also be positioned on the tailfin of the GlobalFlyer, and a second camera in the cockpit will allow Fossett to create his own video diary of the flight. And new technology from NASA will beam pictures of Fossett back to mission control.