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DirecTV Puts Election Coverage Into the Mix

DirecTV Monday announced it will provide an interactive Election Mix Channel on Tuesday, Nov. 4, giving viewers a first-of-its-kind channel that will feature eight network feeds and a real-time election blog to track presidential election results from around the country.

DirecTV has offered similar mix channels for major sporting events including The Masters golf tournament and the U.S. Open tennis and golf championships.

The election blog will track announcement and analysis on each channel as votes are counted as well as exit polling data and electoral count projections.

The Election Mix channel will include each of the four broadcast networks and other leading news channels—including CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC and alternating feeds of Comedy Central (when it’s doing live election coverage) and BBC America—all on one screen.

It will replace the News Mix on DIRECTV channels 102 and 352 and will be available in both standard-definition and HD.

At the bottom of the 2008 Election Mix, DIRECTV will show live blog posts updating viewers on the networks’ exit polling data, electoral count projections, results from significant Senate races, gubernatorial contests, ballot initiatives, and noteworthy news and quotes from reporters, analysts, and the candidates themselves.

“With record-setting voter turnout expected at the polls and tens of millions of viewers tuning in to watch the results of this historic election, the idea of offering the Election Mix as a service to our customers was a no-brainer,” Eric Shanks, executive vice president, Entertainment, DirecTV, said in a statement. “The interactive Mix channels have proven value for fans of our sports subscription services, and we believe the Election Mix will serve the same purpose here, helping viewers navigate the mosaic of news coverage, analysis and commentary of the shifting drama.

The 2008 Election Mix service will begin Nov. 4 at 7 p.m. ET and continue until the end of the broadcast day at 6 a.m. ET. If events warrant, DirecTV may extend the coverage. The election blog, offering real-time posts from each network, will begin as polls in the East close and network begin coverage and will continue until the presidential election has been decided.