DirecTV Dealing With HD Outages

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Some DirecTV customers are still without a few HD channels Friday morning after dozens of them became unavailable starting Thursday afternoon.

TV Predictions reported that about 40 national HD channels were still out as of 4 a.m. ET today, but appeared to be restored by 7:30 a.m. ET. Channels that were part of the initial outage included MSNBC, DIY Network, The Weather Channel, Turner Classic Movies and some pay-per-view channels, according to the report.

The HD-facing outages appear to be someone sporadic at the moment, as some customers reported on Twitter Friday morning that they were getting all of their HD channels, while others said they were still unable to tune in a number of them.

DirecTV has been asked for an update on the situation. Meanwhile, the @DirecTVService Twitter handle has been keeping customers apprised, noting this morning that the satellite TV provider has “most” HD channels restored. On Twitter, DirecTV attributed the HD outages to a “few technical issues,” but didn’t elaborate.

DirecTV has also been using Twitter to direct customers to this Web page, which shows them how to watch channels in standard-definition while the company works to restore the HD feeds.

Updated: DirecTV declined to comment further on the technical reason for the temporary outage, but said in a statement that its "[e]ngineering team restored most of those channels early this morning and is working to bring the rest of them back today. The affected channels remain available in standard definition." 

On Thursday, DirecTV reported that it added 149,000 net U.S. subs in the fourth quarter of 2014, extending its total in the category to 20.35 million.