DirecTV to Add Live Streaming to Basic NFL Sunday Ticket Package

Beginning with the upcoming National Football League season, DirecTV customers that purchase the exclusive out-of-market NFL Sunday Ticket package will be able to live stream every regular season game on any device without having to upgrade to a more expensive service, the company said Thursday.

In the past, the live streaming option was only available to Sunday Ticket Max customers, who paid an additional charge for the privilege.

The basic Sunday Ticket package is generally priced around $250 (6 monthly payments of $41.99) while Sunday Ticket Max costs about $350 (6 monthly payments of $58.99).

"Streaming of NFL Sunday Ticket exploded last year— up 35%. This further proves customers want to watch their favorite team wherever they are,” said AT&T Entertainment Group chief marketing officer David Christopher in a statement. “That will grow more this year, now that every customer can enjoy live games on a second screen or on-the-go without having to pay more.”

AT&T is banking the Sunday Ticket offering will help boost its TV subscriber rolls and chief financial officer John Stephens recently said the package, along with wireless bundles and other products should help drive postive overall video customer growth by the end of the year.

The basic NFL Sunday Ticket package will continue to deliver every regular season game live every Sunday afternoon on satellite TV, and includes Game Mix channels, which feature up to 8 live games on one screen. Fans also can track scores, stats and standings on their TV and follow players and team stats on Player Tracker.

NFL Sunday Ticket Max includes the regular package features and premium services like the popular Red Zone Channel and the exclusive DirecTV Fantasy Zone Channel.  These services are available on TV and for streaming. Short Cuts is a streaming-only feature that has replays of full games, each in less than 30 minutes.

Live games on NFL Sunday Ticket start Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016.