Dijit Makes TV Network Connection

Dijit Media, maker of the NextGuide, said it has scored deals to power recently launched Reminder Buttons that are embedded into the Web sites run by BBC America, Fox Broadcasting Company and truTV. Another eight yet-unnamed programmers have also agreed to license the technology, Dijit said.

In addition to integration with the Web sites, Dijit said the feature, designed to help drive viewership, will also be cooked into its partner’s social pages and in ad campaigns. The Reminder Button typically shows a small clock icon and a “Remind Me To Watch” label instruction. When it’s clicked, the system will prompt users to supply their email address or Facebook info so they can receive alerts 30 minutes before the show airs.

Dijit said the Reminder Button went live in August, and now supports more than 80 individual TV show Web pages, adding that the average NextGuide user sets three or more reminders.

In addition to live TV reminders, Dijit’s primary NextGuide service also supplies registered users with info on when new episodes are available from over-the-top service s such as Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, iTunes, and Netflix.  Reminders are delivered by e-mail or via the NextGuide iOS app, and an Android app that will launch later this year. NextGuide has also lets Comcast, DirecTV and Dish customers set up DVR recordings via the app.

Comcast, meanwhile, is preparing to launch "See It," a platform that will let customers tune to live TV or set DVR recordings directly from the Twitter application. Comcast also envisions that its button will eventually be integrated with a broad range of other Internet applications.