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Dianne Brandi

TITLE: Vice President, Legal And Business Affairs, Fox News

WHY WE'RE WATCHING: Feisty Fox News Channel continues its aggressive approach to covering the news and expanding its empire. Brandi may not be on-camera, but her hand can be felt across the channel's journalistic enterprises and talent additions, as well as its branding endeavors.

SCORE ON 2004: “It was busy. We had many important business contracts negotiated this past year, one of them being the Clear Channel deal, making Fox News Radio the primary national news service for more than 100 of Clear Channel's news/talk stations. More recently, a judge dismissed the lawsuit brought by the family of Jon Benet Ramsey supporting our first-rate reporting, claiming it was not defamatory to the Ramsey family. It was very satisfying seeing these major deals and projects through, along with a bunch of talent signings, including the resigning of Shepard Smith.”

WHAT'S NEXT: “There are many more deals in the works. I enjoy the challenge of negotiating to take Fox News to the next step. This involves continuing to stay on our toes and not getting comfortable in a mindset that says we have done all we can do. My biggest goal is to do everything possible on our end to further the success of the Fox News Channel and extend the No. 1 cable news network into radio.”

DRIVE IN 2005: “This goes for any company, but I would love to see more good women at the top.”

EXECUTIVE EVOLUTION: “Women are making progress, which I am confident will only continue. My hope is that all companies recognize both the men and women who move the ball forward.”

AT HOME, AT PLAY: “When I am not working, I enjoy traveling. My favorite stress busters are watching the New York Yankees and running in Central Park.”