Devin Chooses Cowboy On Season One Finale Of CMT's Sweet Home Alabama

When it came to down, the beauty chose the cowboy over the football player.
In the season-one finale of CMT's Sweet Home Alabama, beautiful, southern belle Devin Grissom selected country boy Adam Moyer over Tribble Reese, the former college signal-caller. After agonizing over her decision, Grissom chose Moyer for his strong values and big heart saying the cowboy would "get the girl" in the end. Since the beginning of the season, Moyer was a fan favorite on the series with his endearing one-liners, earning the respect of viewers as well as Devin when he chose not to "kiss and tell" about their first date.
Although Devin's decision may have broken his heart, Reese will have another chance to find love, wit the cleat on the other foot. He will serve as the new bachelor on the second season of Sweet Home Alabama, where he will have to search for Miss Right and winnow the list of bachelorettes vying for his heart.
The show's second season is scheduled to premiere Oct. 20 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT).