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Demand Progress Seeks Bucks to Buck Net Neutrality Suit

Demand Progress, one of the groups that pushed for Title II reclassification of ISPs by the FCC, is using the lawsuits filed against that decision to try and raise money.

In an email solicitation this week, the group pointed out that lobbyists and their "array of lawyers" have had success in the past blocking net neutrality regs. Comcast sued and won against an FCC action based on its open Internet principles, then Verizon sued and won against the FCC's first attempt at network neutrality rules in 2010.

"So it's not enough to let government lawyers fight this on their own," Demand Progress said. "We need to make sure the public is speaking out too. We've come too far to let Net Neutrality get killed by an army of corporate lawyers. Will you chip in $5 to help fight back?"

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