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Demand Progress Plans Net Neutrality Protests at Verizon Stores

With FCC Chairman Ajit Pai widely expected to circulate his order rolling back of the Title II based Open Internet order Tuesday for a vote at the Dec. 14 public meeting, Demand Progress says it will protest at 14 Verizon retail stores across the country Dec. 7.

Pai is a former Verizon attorney.

The goal is to try and get holiday shoppers to press Congress to step in and stop the FCC, but that is unlikely given that the Republican majority is generally on the same page with Pai about reclassifying ISPs as information services not subject to mandatory access requirements on Title II common carriers.

"By protesting at Verizon stores, we’re shining light on the corruption and demanding that our local lawmakers take action to stop the FCC," the group said.

Demand Progress is also setting up "texting teams" to try and drive supporters to the protests.

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