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Def Jam Records To Promote TBS’ ‘House Of Pain’

Def Jam Records will sing the praises of TBS' House of Payne as part of a promotional relationship between the label and the cable channel.

Def Jam recording artist Chrisette Michele has recorded an original song, I Gottta Love Jones for the House of Payne, a song which will play in on-air spots and other promotional elements.

Vicky Free, vice president of entertainment marketing for TBS, said the channel had success using popular songs to promote basketball and House of Payne during NBA playoff telecasts in February, so this is an extension of that tactic.

A 60-second music video has been filmed that includes LaVan Davis, Cassi Davis, Lance Gross and Larramie Doc Shaw, dancing to the song; and a two-and-a-half minute "Making of" will be place in Regal Cinemas throughout the country.

The spots began airing Thursday.