De Leo, Bolton Producing Lifetime Documentary

Maryann De Leo, winner of the 2004 Academy Award for her documentary, Chernobyl Heart, and Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and activist Michael Bolton are producing a documentary for Lifetime Television about the impact of sexual assault and domestic violence on women and their families.

The hour-long documentary will be the programming centerpiece of Lifetime’s Emmy Award-winning public-advocacy campaign, “Our Lifetime Commitment: Stop Violence Against Women.”

The documentary will examine the personal and societal effect of gender violence, while spotlighting what individuals, communities, educators and the government have done and must continue to do to stop it and, most important, how women and men must come together to end this epidemic.

“For the fourth consecutive year, we are proud to spearhead a massive national campaign uniting women and men determined to stop the violence against women and children,” Lifetime Entertainment Services executive vice president of public affairs and corporate communications Meredith Wagner said in a prepared statement.

“By uniting so many organizations, policymakers and individuals, we are seeing dramatic progress, and this documentary, from two such extraordinarily talented artists as Maryann De Leo and Michael Bolton, will amplify our efforts and results,” she added.