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D.C., Calif. Lead in Anti-'Net Rule Rollback Tweets

Sperling's Best Places, which assembles info on the best places to live, including schools, crime, house prices, and, apparently, Title II-friendliness, has analyzed Tweets from #StoptheFCC. That is one of the activist hashtags aimed at driving protest against the FCC's vote to rollback Title II-based 'net regs.

And why a net neutrality tweet survey? "We try and do topical data-driven place studies in addition to our tools for users to find their best places," said Bertrand Sperling.

Sperling looked, state-by-state, at 145,000 Tweets between Nov. 24--following the FCC's announcement of the Restoring Internet Freedom order, and Nov. 14, when it was approved by the Republican majority, and found that, not surprisingly, D.C. was the tops, by a wide margin, in tweets per capita (in this case, per every 100,000 people) with 320.33 (a total of 1,872 tweets). Mississippi brought up the rear at 8.57 (252 tweets).

Not surprisingly given its Silicon Valley residents, and the sheer size of the state, California was number one in raw numbers of tweets with 15,370 (that was only 41.95 per capita given the almost 20 million in population.

That number could be going up as groups including Demand Progress and Fight for the Future drive net neutrality supporters to urge Congress to stop the Trump-era FCC rule rollback via the Congressional Review Act, the same legislative gambit Republicans used to nullify Obama-era regs.