Dating Show Gives Seniors ‘Another Chance For Romance’

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Retirement Living TV wants to showcase a little love and even lust for its viewers with a new dating series for the 55-plus crowd.

Hosted by Roger Lodge (syndication’sBlind Date),Another Chance for Romance bows on Feb. 11 at 2 p.m. On the half-hour weekday show, couples are matched through the show’s sponsor,’s Duet Total Compatibility System, which takes into account the daters’ personalities, life and love-style, values and preferences or from casting mixers and speed dating events.

Then, the cameras go along for the ride: Tony cooks his famous fettuccini for Louise and takes her for a spin in his vintage Army jeep. For her part, Lynn tries to teach Rich the tango in 12 minute, but the toe-stomped effort ends with a mutual desire for a second date. Ruta’s first date doesn’t go so well, but sets her up on another.

Another Chance for Romance is RLTV’s response to our boomer and senior audience’s active pursuit of love,” said vice president of programming and production Elliott Jacobson in a statement. “Interest in amorous relationships doesn’t end as we age. This is evident by the success of on-line dating sites and our partnership with Romance is in demand and we’re taking our turn at playing Cupid. ”