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CWA to Hold FCC Rally to Push Verizon–SpectrumCo Conditions

The Communications Workers of America says hundreds of its members, joined by activist group representatives, will gather outside the FCC Wednesday to call for conditions on the Verizon–SpectrumCo deal, in which the telco is trying to buy advanced wireless spectrum from cable operators Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Bright House and Cox.

The union is not opposed to the deal, but only if the FCC applies conditions to protect competitiveness.

Their concern is particularly with associated marketing agreements between Verizon and the cable operators that have them already cross-promoting their respective services.

CWA wants the FCC to require that Verizon continue to offer FiOS broadband Internet access and expand it to cover at least 95% of customers, and to set a timetable and penalties related to deployment to low income and rural residents.

It also wants the commission to make sure the agreements don't disadvantage current resellers of Verizon service -- like CenturyLink. "Comparable conditions and terms for the marketing of Verizon Wireless service should be available to all wireline competitors in a market," says the Union.

It also wants buildout requirements on the spectrum.