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CTIA's Baker to FCC: Don't Hamstring Disruptive Competitors

CTIA president Meredith Baker says an open Internet is nonnegotiable, but that doesn't mean applying the same Open Internet rules to wired and wireless broadband. That comes after the FCC has been signaling it is considering that move.    

According to the text of a speech prepared for a mobile summit in Atlanta Monday (Sept. 22), Baker said wireless was different any any attempt to regulate it the same as wired, which the FCC is at least considering as part of its revamp of the Open Internet order, could "greatly inhibit, if not jeopardize, the United States’ global leadership."    

"We hear a lot about the need for platform parity. Treating wireless the same as wired broadband. Our objective should be to preserve an Open Internet, not artificially impose the same set of rules on all platforms," she says. "Forcing all platforms under a single set of rules was rejected in 2010, and should be rejected again now." 

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