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CTIA Launches App Data Use Site

Arguing that consumers also have a role to play in responsible stewardship of spectrum, CTIA: The Wireless Association Thursday launched

The site allows users to estimate how much data an app will consume before it has been downloaded.

It is also meant to be a tool to help developers conserve data usage whenever possible and help conserve battery life.

Information the site provides includes how much data is used when downloaded and initialized, as well as during active running and when it is in the background.

It also shows how an app will impact a data plan and how users can conserve data usage.

The FCC has signaled that usage-based plans are a legitimate business plan, but it has also encouraged operators and developers to provide more information on when and how data is being consumed.

Currently the site is limited to test results for the 50 top paid and free apps from Apple and Google stores, with more being added and developers invited to submit their apps to be tested and included.

“By highlighting those apps and developers that use data efficiently, seeks to guide consumers toward a better user experience," said CTIA President Steve Largent. "We’re pleased to work with our members and the developer community to accomplish this goal since it’s important to provide apps that use data responsibly to minimize the impact on consumers’ usage as well as on wireless networks, which is fueled by spectrum."