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CTIA-Commissioned Study Touts Wireless as Essential Spectrum Engine

CTIA: The Wireless Association continued to push for more
spectrum Tuesday with a report commissioned from Recon Analytics that
positioned the wireless industry as the "essential engine of U.S. economic

CTIA has long been urging the FCC to take spectrum back from
broadcasters and put it to what they say is the higher, better use of wireless
broadband, while broadcasters say their one-to-many delivery system is more
efficient and that their local news and programming for an over-the-air only
viewership of often diverse, elderly and low-income populations is in the
public's best interest.

According to the report, the wireless industry boosts GDP
and employment, builds government revenue and improves U.S. productivity with
every incremental increase in spectrum available to handle the boom in apps.

Specifically, it said that the industry contributed $146.2
billion to U.S. GDP; supported 3.8 million jobs, many at higher than average
wages; and accounted for $88.6 billion in income taxes.

The White House has set a target of freeing up 500 MHz of
spectrum over the next 10 years, including 120 MHz from broadcasters, though
that is looking like a long shot given protections in incentive auction
legislation for Canadian and Mexican border stations.

That 500 MHz, says the report, would translate to a $166
billion increase GDP, "at least" 350,000 jobs, and $23.4 billion in
government revenue.