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CTA Praises Trump's Speech

Consumer electronics companies liked what they heard in President Donald Trump's address to Congress Tuesday night, at least according to its principal trade group.

"The positive mostly bi-partisan agenda laid out by President Trump tonight is a welcome contrast to the past policies which brought our nation almost a decade of sluggish growth and left millions behind," said Consumer Technology Association president Gary Shapiro.

Trump talked about a merit-based immigration system that screens for those who are self-supporting. That would favor the highly skilled workers CTA has long argued need to be allowed to add their talents to the U.S. pool.

"To grow our economy, create quality jobs and put America first, we need to recognize the fundamental tenants for growing a technology-driven innovation economy – an economy that now supports more than 15 million American jobs," said Shapiro in a statement following the speech. "That starts with embracing a merit-based immigration system that gives American companies the best talent so they can compete globally."

Shapiro also praised the focus on infrastructure fixes and plans to reduce corporate taxes, though he stopped short of supporting a border tax, which he said would hurt families and small businesses.

Shapiro said that the White House plan should include removing barriers to trade in digital goods and services. 

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), a former consumer electronics executive once active in CTA, echoed the sentiments about immigration. "We need immigration policies that allow us to keep the best and the brightest from around the world," he said of the speech.