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Crowell Flying From Twitter

Colin Crowell, VP of global public policy, at Twitter announced Friday in a tweet that he will be leaving the company in the next several months.


Crowell joined Twitter in 2011. Before that he was senior counselor to then FCC chairman Julius Genachowski. While it was a short tenure--less that a year--the year included helping produce a broadband plan that Crowell was instrumental in getting Congress to mandate.

Before that, he was a staffer to then House member (now senator) Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and to the Telecom Subcommittee when Markey chaired it. Crowell was the lead staffer in coming up with the FCC's broadband plan requirement, which Markey made part of the stimulus bill.

Markey announced his official run for re-election to his Senate seat, but will have competition in the form of Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.) who said over the weekend he will challenge Markey for the seat, suggesting it was time for some new blood. But Crowell said that "having spent most of the past 8 years at 35,000 feet—or in incredible places that are not my home—I’m looking forward to winding down at Twitter over the next few months and then kicking back, relaxing a bit, and enjoying time with my family."

The move comes as edge providers are coming under increasing scrutiny in Washington, though Twitter arguably less than others, notably Facebook and Google.