Cover Story Extra: Men by the Numbers

To accompany this week’s cover story on men’s evolving TV tastes, here are more detailed versions of the abbreviated charts featured in the magazine (courtesy of Turner Research and IFC Research) as well as the Web-exclusive American Man by the Numbers, a collection of stats looking at today’s U.S. male: who is he, how does he live, what does he do?

Cable Series Men Love: The top 20 original cable series, new and returning, based on ratings for their 2013 premieres. Web Bonus: A side-by-side comparison of the data for Men 18-49 vs. Men 18-34.

The Men’s Top 35: The cable networks most watched by men in primetime last year. Web Bonus: Longer listing and side-by-side look at M18-49 vs. M18-34.

What Men Watch (When Not Watching Sports): Another angle on what men gravitate toward when they’re not watching sports, a ranking of the non-sprts networks that skew male by percentage of the audience. Web Bonus: Longer listing including all non-sports nets that skewed 51% or more male in Q4 2013.

And further down, The American Man by the Numbers and How Men Eat (Media).

The American Manby the Numbers

Highlights From U.S. Census Data 2010-2012