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Court TV Sets 2005 Originals

Court TV Wednesday announced a host of special documentaries and series for 2005.

The Investigation Channel’s new series include:

Takedown: Casino, in which the world's best card sharks and con artists try to pull off scams without being caught. The pilot is set to air June 7, 14 and 21, with the series joining the network’s lineup sometime during the fourth quarter.

Parco, PI, a new hybrid reality-docudrama series that the network described as “Arrested Development meets Growing Up Gotti,” debuting during the third quarter.

High Stakes with Ben Mezrich, in which the best-selling author “delves into the underground world of young, overachieving millionaires,” set for a fourth-quarter debut.

The Chase, pitting three highly skilled "fugitives" in a race “to evade capture and make it to the hidden stash of $20,000,” debuting Aug. 23.

Impossible Heists, which the network described as Ocean's 11 meets Survivor: Two teams of skilled professionals plan and execute a complex and physically challenging heist while eluding massive security, with only a few hours to do it.

As far as 2005 specials, the network is planning:

Michael Jackson's Mind, debuting in February, asks the question: What could have turned a child star into an alleged child molester?

Al Roker Investigates: Hazing, which features former and current fraternity members who reveal the secrets behind hazing rites, is set to air March 2.

Reasonable Fear, debuting April 7, features prosecutor Rhonda Saunders on the topic of stalkers.

The Lindberg Kidnapping: Investigation Reopened, set to air April 27, re-examines the 70-year-old case in which Bruno Richard Hauptmann was convicted and executed for the murder of Charles Lindbergh's baby.

Stories of the Innocence Project: Fingered with a Print, in which Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld use DNA to re-examine the case of Stephen Cowans, who was charged with shooting a police officer and subsequently sentenced to 50 years, with his fingerprint recovered from nearby the crime scene sealing his fate. The special is set to premiere April 27.

• An as-yet-untitled one- hour documentary special about Robert F. Kennedy, which is set to air May 17.