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Court Sets Argument Times for Network Neutrality Case

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C Circuit has given each side 25 minutes to argue their cases in Verizon's challenge to the FCC's Open Internet order, but that somewhat curiously included giving 10 minutes of the time on Verizon's side to MetroPCS, which has dropped its suit.

Oral argument is set for Sept. 9, with the FCC getting 25 minutes, while Verizon gets 15 minutes and MetroPCS, at least according to the errant order, would get 10 minutes.

The clerk's office confirmed that was a mistake, but was waiting for word from the court on how to proceed. Most likely it will be just to give Verizon all 25 minutes.

MetroPCS dropped its suit against the rules in May, after it was bought by T-Mobile.