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Country Divided Over Electoral College

The country is split over whether the electoral college should be retained or scrapped. That comes as the electors vote on a new president Monday and nationwide protests were conducted over the weekend and planned for Monday by those who didn’t want it to be Donald Trump.

According to a new Morning Consult/Politico survey of 2,000 registered voters conducted Dec. 15-17, 45% of the respondents said there should be a constitutional amendment shelving the electoral college, with 40% saying the system should stay the way it is.

Not surprisingly, since Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a wide margin, the poll broke along partisan lines.

Seven of 10 Democrats wanted the popular vote to determine who gets the Oval Office, while 6 in 10 Republicans says it should be electoral college. Independents were less divided, with 47% saying replace the electoral college, while 32% said keep it.

A clear plurality of respondents said the electors should be bound to vote for the winner of their state, while 34% said they should not be bound if they have "significant concerns" about their candidate.