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Conventional Thinking for MTV’s ‘Choose or Lose’

MTV: Music Television is looking for young-adult speakers for the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

As part of the network’s “Choose or Lose 2004” campaign, MTV, the Democratic National Convention Committee and the Republican National Convention Committee will hold essay contests to find 18- to 24-year-old speakers “who most accurately represent the views and concerns of their party and age group,” the network said in a prepared statement.

“One of the main goals of Choose or Lose is to show the world that the young-adult voting bloc of more than 20 million is active, inspired and heading to the polls in November,” MTV and MTV2 president Van Toffler said in a prepared statement.

“These partnerships with the RNCC and DNCC reinforce the fact that both parties recognize the strength and importance of young-adult voters in 2004,” he added.

The Democratic National Convention will be held at the FleetCenter in Boston July 26-29, while the Republicans will gather at Madison Square Garden in New York Aug. 30-Sept. 2.