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Consumer Voices Speak Up for FCC's Set-Top Proposal

The Consumer Video Choice Coalition says that more than a hundred thousand "consumer voices" have contacted the FCC in support of its set-top box proposal.

That proposal is to give third-parties, which are represented in the coalition, access to MVPD set-top content and data so they can wed it with over-the-top offerings in a gateway device.

Those comments were generated by the Unlock the Box campaign, which was also the FCC's branding on the effort, and via's similar online petition effort.

While edge providers including Google and Amazon support the proposal, many others do not, including cable and telco ISPs, advertisers, and some Hill Democrats, at least as the proposal currently stands. 

Among those supporting the Unlock the Box campaign are Consumer Reports, Common Cause, Demand Progress, Fight for the Future, and Public Knowledge, who have also pushed for strong network neutrality rules.