Condé Blast for 'Iconoclasts’

Sundance Channel’s upcoming six-part limited series Iconoclasts will take wing with significant promotional support from Condé Nast Media Group.

Iconoclasts, co-produced by Sundance and Grey Goose Entertainment (an offshoot of the vodka brand), will bring together two innovators from different fields, with one acting as a guide into the other’s creative process, inspiration and passions. Production starts next month. Show subjects have yet to be disclosed.

Kirk Iwanowski, senior vice president of marketing for Sundance, said Condé Nast Media Group will supply promotional support in the guise of tune-in materials within 13 titles, including Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Conde Nast Media will also develop “added value” components, perhaps in the form of contests or sweepstakes displayed within the titles.

Sundance had been talking to Condé Nast Media for the last several months about working on marketing partnerships. When Grey Goose Entertainment approached about Iconoclasts, Iwanowski’s team went to the publisher to discuss “creative platforms.”

“Given the extent of the lead time involved and the components being discussed, we expect that Condé Nast Media will help build significant exposure for Sundance and Grey Goose Entertainment with Iconoclasts,” he said.

Commercial-free Sundance won’t make Grey Goose vodka references on air, but it “will be poured if we host a series of screening parties” for Iconoclasts, the Sundance marketer said. Sundance, Grey Goose and Condé Nast also are talking about pursuing other projects.

Sundance founder Robert Redford will executive produce Iconoclasts, working with John Kamen of, Michael Davies (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) and Chris Moore (Project Greenlight).