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Commisso Weighs In on 'Monstrous' Title II Reclassification

Mediacom CEO Rocco Commisso said the Federal Communications Commission's new open Internet regulations will cause uncertainty, except in the legal community, where he suggested they would be able to afford more vacations given the legal work the rules will prompt. He promised to fight what he called "monstrous" reregulation of his business.

Commisso was being interviewed Feb. 26 (the day of the FCC Title II vote) for C-SPAN's Communicators series (he is a C-SPAN board member). Small and medium-sized cable operators were in Washington this week for the American Cable Association summit.

Commisso said the rules will hurt his ability to raise money at a reasonable cost, though he said he had no doubt it would raise prices for consumers due to new taxes and local regulatory fees. He said he had spent over $7 billion under one set of rules, and that changing the rules was an uncalled for government intrusion into an engine of innovation to the benefit of Silicon Valley players, and the big guys, not the garage innovators. "This to benefit companies that are already very big."

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