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Commerce Report Highlights Value of IP-IntensiveSectors

Broadcasting, cable, satellite and advertising
are all IP-intensive industries, part of a group of 75 industry sectors that
together account for 27.1 million jobs, or 18.8% of all U.S. employment in
2010, and whose success has a domino effect on employment throughout the

is according to a new report
from the Department of Commerce on the importance of protecting the
intellectual property rights of all companies, but especially those on
"the leading edge" of the IP economy.

report came at the behest of IP czar Victoria Espinel, U.S. Intellectual
Property Enforcement Coordinator at the White House.

to the report, those 75 most IP-intensive sectors -- defined as those most
dependent on patents, trademarks and copyrights -- provide some $5 trillion in
economic value.

future growth of IP-intensive industries, and almost all industries to some
degree, "is increasingly dependent on effective protection of IP rights
both here and abroad," said the report.