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Comcast/NBCU Docket Filling Up

The Comcast/NBCU deal has drawn more than 1,300 comments so
far, according to the FCC docket, many of them a form e-mail opposing the deal.

The FCC stopped
the clock
on the merger April 16 while it collects more information from
the companies on the economic benefit of the deal and on its potential impact
on online video distribution. The move also gave everyone more time to weigh in
on the deal, a request that had been made by several groups opposing it.

The FCC had initially denied requests to extend the comment
period, saying it wanted to move as expeditiously as possible.

But the court decision in the BitTorrent/Comcast case early
this month put the FCC's ability to regulate Internet Service Providers'
network management practices and commenters wanted to weigh in on what, if any,
effect that had on the deal.