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Comcast, TWC on List of Top Capital Spenders

Atop the top list of American companies in the communications, tech and energy sector, ranked according to capital spending in the U.S., is Comcast at number seven with $6.6 billion and Time Warner Cable at 21 with $3.2 billion. Combined, as the two companies hope to be, they would come in at number five, just ahead of Walmart ($8.7B).

That is according to the Progressive Policy Institute’s latest Investment Heroes report. AT&T tops the list at $20.9 billion, followed by Verizon at $15.4 billion. Spending is defined as investments in plants, property, and equipment in the United States.

"Given the importance of broadband investment to the U.S. economy, the social costs of imposing rate regulation under Title II will be even larger than the immediate harms to broadband consumers from an atrophying network; growth in U.S. productivity and job formation could be slowed," said senior fellow Hal Singer in a statement accompanying release of the report.

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