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Comcast Supports Wheeler's New Cybersecurity 'Paradigm'

Following FCC chairman Tom Wheeler's call for a "new paradigm" in which private industry takes the lead on flexible, measurable and accountable cybersecurity standards, Comcast signaled it agreed, was willing to work with the commission, but was already hard at work protecting its network and its users. 

In a statement, Myrna Soto, senior VP and chief information and infrastructure security officer, for Comcast Cable, said that it already works daily to "assess, deter, and neutralize cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats."

Comcast agrees with Wheeler that the success of its business depends on a safe and secure environment.

"For that reason, Comcast and other communications providers view cybersecurity as a key component of our overall enterprise risk management," Soto said. "We have and will continue to be committed to taking a leadership role in establishing practices that meet the dynamic and ever-changing nature of these threats."

Soto also agreed that ISPs must work collaboratively with government and each other to "develop sound industry practices," adding: "Comcast will continue working with the Chairman, his fellow Commissioners, and the dedicated staff at the FCC to help achieve these important goals.”