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Comcast Spotlight Adds Ad Partner

Comcast Spotlight said it has tapped Rhiza to supply the ad sales unit of Comcast Cable with a platform that will help it build customizable, multiscreen advertising recommendations.

Comcast Spotlight said it is using the Web-based Rhiza for Media platform, which provides customizable reports combining aggregate audience data with generalized media consumption information and market trends to produce detailed, graphics-rich presentations to help advertisers develop more efficient media plans.

Comcast Spotlight, for example, will be able to use that data to show clients how local cable advertising can pinpoint neighborhoods where their customers and prospective customers live, and overlay that with aggregated info about what those audiences are watching.

“Companies ranging from ‘mom-and-pop’ operations to national brands are increasingly relying on detailed data to make strategic advertising decisions, and we’re helping them do it,” said Matt DeAngelis, senior director of research for Comcast Spotlight, in a statement. “Rhiza for Media helps us take a wide range of data and present it in an easy-to-understand way, demonstrating the geographic and demographic segmentation capabilities that only local spot cable advertising offers.”

 “Comcast Spotlight’s clients will benefit from Rhiza for Media’s unique capability to blend information about people, businesses and market conditions from hundreds of sources. It’s not just about more data, but about presenting that data in an easy to understand way that ensures you engage your target audience,” added Rhiza CEO Josh Knauer.

Comcast Spotlight has a presence in nearly 80 markets, with roughly 35 million “owned and represents subscribers.”