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Comcast’s Cloud DVR Rolls Into More Markets

Following earlier launches in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and northern Delaware, Comcast said it has expanded the deployment of its cloud DVR and in-home multiscreen live TV streaming feature to new Xfinity TV subs in southern Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

The cloud DVR service, which run on Comcast’s IP-capable X1 platform, also support a “check-out” feature that lets customers download recorded shows for playback on mobile devices and PCs via its new Xfinity TV app. Under Comcast’s currently policy for the feature, customers can download recorded shows to as many as dive devices, and download up to 10 individual recordings per device.

The cloud-powered live TV piece allows X1 subs to stream the bulk of the traditional lineup to smartphones, tablets and Web browsers, but limits access to within reach of the customer's home network. Comcast also offers a subset of live TV channels in and out of the home through its authenticated Xfinity TV Go app.

"We are continuing to give customers a more personalized viewing experience and provide them with a range of ways to enjoy their favorite programs anywhere, anytime," said Tom Coughlin, senior vice president for Comcast’s Beltway Region. "The cloud technology and in-home TV streaming is a natural extension of our X1 entertainment operating system and one more way Comcast is adding value for customers through groundbreaking product innovations,” said Tom Coughlin, SVP for Comcast’s Beltway Region, in a statement.

Comcast said it plans to roll these new cloud-based features to more markets throughout the year. It’s believed that Chicago is among the next on that list.

At last week’s Cable Show in Los Angeles, Matt Strauss, Comcast Cable’s senior VP and GM, video services, said in-home live TV streaming is also available to X1 customers in the San Francisco Bay area, but that the operator had yet to introduce the cloud DVR service in that market.

On Tuesday (May 6), Comcast announced that it is starting to automatically upgrade all of its X1 subscribers to an updated, more personalized version of its cloud-based video interface/navigation system.

Comcast has rolled out its X1 platform in all its cable systems, but has not announced how many of its 22.6 million video customers are on it. However, the MSO did note that it’s currently deploying nearly 20,000 X1 boxes per day.