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Comcast Refreshes Xfinity TV App, Portal

In a move that unifies how pay TV subs can access content on supported connected devices, Comcast has redesigned its Xfinity TV app and Web portal to enable access to TV Everywhere content, DVR recordings, as well as live TV and on-demand fare that’s accessible when a subscriber is on the home network.

“Because we’ve merged some of the best parts of our Xfinity TV Go app and website into the redesigned Xfinity TV app and portal, customers now have a single destination where they can access everything included in their Xfinity TV subscription, whether at home or on-the-go,” Vito Forlenza, senior director of TV Everywhere content and product strategy at Comcast, noted in this blog post.

He noted that the app’s TVE-facing, out-of-home component now supports more than 125 live channels, and that the updated Xfinity TV app has also been optimized to deliver improved video quality and accessibility features that enable customers to find content with Closed Captioning (CC), Secondary Audio Programming (SAP), or Descriptive Video Services (DVS). 

Forlenza added that Comcast is also working on an enhanced Watchlist for the app and portal.

The Xfinity TV app is currently supported on iOS, Android and  Amazon mobile devices, and via a Web portal.

A version of the app is also in the works for Samsung smart TVs and the Roku platform. Comcast introduced its Xfinity TV Partner Program in April.