Comcast Previews ‘X2’ (Again)

Offering another indication that Comcast is getting close to the launch of “X2,” the personalized, multiscreen-capable upgrade of the cloud-based X1 platform/user interface, the MSO has apparently unleashed a code that will let existing X1 customers get an early pre-launch look.

And it appears that Comcast, to a degree, is encouraging X1 customers to unlock a recent build of X2 and take it for a spin. Sree Kotay, Comcast’s senior vice president and chief software architect, tweeted this quasi-cryptic message Wednesday afternoon: “Have Comcast Xfinity X1? Try hitting exit-exit-exit-X-T-W-O (#shhhh....)”

Posts on the DSL Reports message boards appear to confirm that X1 users can pull up X2 by pressing that sequence of buttons with their remote control. Comcast was not iimmediately available for comment Wednesday evening.

It's not the first time Comcast has offered a preview, inadvertently or not. Back in October, X1 subs also got an early, albeit brief, look at X2 by pressing a special code on their remotes.

Based on DSL Reports message board posts on Wednesday, X1 subs who fired up the X2 preview this time around were pleased with what they saw. “Much smoother than before! Some new features too,” wrote “JeepMatt,” who evidently resides in Wilmington, Del. Comcast, the person added, appears to be getting X2 ready to support the just-launched Xfinity TV Store, noting that the test UI shows a “Purchases” tab that is not yet ready for prime time.

Comcast has not announced a launch date for X2, which will also pave the way for a cloud DVR service, but the company has previously said it expects to start the rollout sometime this fall.

And Kotay wasn’t the only one from Comcast that got into the act on Wednesday. The primary Comcast Twitter account also tweeted a message touting the “The Making of X2” along with an embedded link to a short video about the coming upgrade, which can be seen below: