Comcast Expands X1 Sports App Features

Comcast said it is adding athlete profiles and more stats and game info to its X1 sports app in time for the start of the new NBA season.

Those additions, which leverage enhancements made to the app for the Rio Olympics, tack on pre-game data, such as team rosters, player profiles and conference standings, alongside in-game, real-time access to team and individual stats such as points, assists, rebounds, shot maps and scoring summaries. The app’s post-game analysis will include a full recap of both teams’ performances.

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“We’re also adding voice search to the sports experience within X1,” following similar enhancements added for Comcast’s coverage of the Rio games, Preston Smalley, VP of product, sports and X1 apps, explained in this blog post, noting that subs can use the X1 voice mote to have the sports app pull up game-related data and graphics by saying things like “Philadelphia Eagles stats,” or “Eli Manning touchdowns.”

The new voice feature will be available in the “coming weeks” for football games and will be added to basketball and hockey later this year, Smalley said.

He said more than 35% of Comcast X1 homes “engaged regularly” with the sports app during the Rio games.

Earlier this year, Comcast acquired OneTwoSee, a Philadelphia-based startup that developed some of the technologies that underpin the X1 sports app.