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Comcast Exec to Testify on Cybersecurity

Comcast engineering exec Jason Livingood is among the witnesses for a March 7 House Communications subcommittee hearing on cybersecurity.

Two bills have been introduced in the Senate promoting greater industry-government cooperation on the issue, with the Republican version emphasizing voluntary cooperation and the Democratic version directing the Department of Homeland Security to come up with standards to which private networks would be held.

The House Communications subcommittee has signaled it needs more input before it weighs in on the issue, including through the upcoming hearing. House Communications Subcommittee Chair Greg Walden (R-Ore.) has also named members of a new bipartisan working group on cybersecurity to focus on that vetting..

Among the issues to be addressed at the hearing are among those central to the issue, including ISP liability for sharing information with the government, and voluntary (or involuntary) standards and best practices for compliance with Internet Engineering Task Force created DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) regime of distinguishing legitimate sites from bogus ones used by bad actors to steal information like user names and passwords.

Also testifying at the hearing, which focuses on network providers, will be Dr. Edward Amoroso, chief security officer, AT&T Services; David Mahon, chief security officer, CenturyLink; and John Olsen, senior VP and chief information officer, MetroPCS Communications Inc.