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Comcast Exec Among FCC's Open Internet Monitors

The FCC has named the members of its Open Internet Advisory
Committee (OIAC), which is charged with monitoring the effects of the FCC's
Open Internet order, and it includes an executive from top cable operator

Among the 21 members of the committee, which will hold its
first meeting this summer, is Kevin McElearney, senior VP of network
engineering for Comcast.

It was Comcast's challenge to the FCC's BitTorrent decision
sanctioning Comcast's disruption of peer-to-peer file transfer that helped spur
the order after a court threw out the FCC's ruling.

The committee is charged with monitoring the effects of that
order, which went into effect last fall. The order expanded and codified the
Internet Openness principles under which the FCC had ruled against Comcast in

According to the FCC, the OIAC will "observe market
developments regarding the freedom and openness of the Internet and will focus
in particular on issues addressed in the FCC's Open Internet rules, such as
transparency, reasonable network management practices, differences in treatment
of fixed and mobile broadband services, specialized services, and technical

The committee is chaired by Harvard law and computer science
professor Jonathan Zittrain and co-chaired by MIT research scientist David
Clark. Other members are:

Harvey Anderson, VP, business affairs and general counsel,
Brad Burnham, founding partner, Union Square Ventures
Alissa Cooper, chief computer scientist, Center for Democracy & Technology
Leslie Daigle, chief internet technology officer, Internet Society
Jessica Gonzalez, executive board, Media and Democracy Coalition; VP, policy
and legal affairs, National Hispanic Media Coalition
Shane Greenstein, professor, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern
Russell Housley, chair, Internet Engineering Task Force; founder, Vigil
Security, LLC
Neil Hunt, chief product officer, Netflix
Charles Kalmanek, VP, research, AT&T
Matthew Larsen, CEO, Vistabeam
Marc Morial, president, National Urban League
Elaine Paul, senior VP, strategic planning, The Walt Disney Company
Jennifer Rexford, professor of computer science, Princeton University
Dennis Roberson, vice provost & research professor, Illinois Institute of
Technology (representing T-Mobile)
Chip Sharp, director, technology policy and internet governance, Cisco Systems
Charles Slocum, assistant executive director, Writers Guild of America, West
Marcus Weldon, CTO, Alcatel-Lucent
Michelle Zatlyn, co-founder, CloudFlare