Comcast Adds iHeartRadio to X1 Boxes

Comcast is expanding the OTT content available on its X1 boxes with the initial rollout/integration of iHeartRadio, the free digital music, podcasting and live streaming radio service.

As part of the integration, iHeartRadio content will also be searchable with the X1 voice remote. X1 subs will also be able to browse and select stations integrated throughout related sections of Comcast’s Xfinity On Demand service. For example, X1 subs might find featured country music stations within the music section of the MSO’s VOD service during the week of the Country Music Awards, they said.

Comcast is starting to roll out the iHeartRadio app to compatible X1 boxes today, and expects to complete the rollout in the coming weeks. X1 subs can listen to iHeartRadio without registering, but can also use their iHeartRadio accounts for a more personalized experience.

iHeartRadio content will be delivered to X1 boxes via public internet connections, so that data will be subject to Comcast’s usage-based broadband policy.

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Other MVPDs to integrate iHeartRadio at the set-top include AT&T (for U-verse) and Layer3 TV.

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The addition also expands the number of OTT apps to be woven into X1. Others include YouTube, Pandora, and Netflix, some casual games, with Sling TV among those that are on deck.

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