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Coalition to FCC: Stop Waffling on Net Neutrality, a coalition pushing for open
Internet, says it served up breakfast for FCC staffers coming to work Thursday
morning (Sept 23) as a form of protest.

Waffles and syrup were on the menu, according to
an e-mail from the group as a signal to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski to stop
"waffling" and enact new network neutrality rules.

"The longer the FCC ponders the politics of
Net Neutrality, the longer the public is left unprotected," said Craig Aaron,
managing director of Free Press, which spearheads the coalition. "The public
can't afford to wait much longer for the FCC to stop waffling and move forward
on enacting real Net Neutrality rules to ensure that the Internet remains open
for everyone."

The group concedes that the chairman's effort to
expand and codify those rules was impeded by the court ruling in the BitTorrent
case, but says that instead of quickly establishing the regulatory called into
question by the decision he has "wavered and delayed."

Genachowski told B&C
earlier in the week in an e-mailed statement that he remained committed to an
open Internet.