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CNN-WMUR: Trump Tops Field in New Hampshire

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has a big lead in the New Hampshire primary race, according to a CNN-WMUR poll, with the caveat that the poll came before Trump's controversial comments supporting a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country.

According to the poll, Trump's lead in New Hampshire among likely Republican primary voters has increased by 6 percentage points since September and now stands at 32% to second-place Marco Rubio's 14%, which is up 5 points.

That 18-point lead is compared to the 10-point lead he had over then, second-place Carly Fiorina.

Chris Christie is in third place at 9%, followed by Jeb Bush at 8%, John Kasich at 7%, Ted Cruz with 6% and Fiorina and Ben Carson at 5% apiece.

CNN/ORC polls also have Trump up in Iowa and nationally.

Trump's next major media platform comes Dec. 15, when CNN will be airing the last GOP presidential debate of the year. As with previous debates, CNN is making a live stream of its cable coverage of the debate available online to non-cable subs who want to tune in via the Web.