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CNN To Launch Webcast For ‘Dinosaur 13’ Special

CNN will develop a live webcast for high school students surrounding its Dec. 11 documentary Dinosaur 13, the network said Monday.

CNN will team with Scholastic to develop the webcast, which will run Dec. 5 and will be moderated by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. The webcast will feature an in-depth panel discussion of the recent Tyrannosaurus rex discovery that will be profiled in CNN’s Dinosaur 13 documentary special, said network officials.

Dinosaur 13 director Todd Miller along with paleontologist Peter Larson and National Park Service paleontologist Vincent Santucci will sit on the Dinosaur 13: A Live Webcast panel, for which teachers can register at

“We all grow up fascinated by dinosaurs and I still am, so I’m really excited to be a part of this webcast,” said Cooper in a statement. “I hope this film inspires kids everywhere to explore and learn about the world around them.”