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CNN to Host All Five Presidential Candidates

CNN will host all five remaining presidential candidates, Republican and Democrat, at a town hall event March 21.

Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer will tag team the hosting of the three-hour event (8-11 p.m.).

GOP candidates Donald Trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Ohio Governor John Kasich and Democrat Hillary Clinton will be interviewed separately in Washington, while Senator Bernie Sanders wil be be interviewed from the campaign trail.

The event comes the night before the Utah, Arizona and Idaho primaries.

It is also the same night that Fox had planned a debate, but was canceled after Trump, then Kasich, said they would not attend.

But Fox is getting plenty of candidate access regardless.

Bret Baier. who was to have moderated the debate, will have one-on-one interviews with Kasich and Cruz on Monday, while Megyn Kelly, who also was to have moderated, wil interview Cruz on the Kelly File. And while Trump begged off the debate, Sean Hannity will get an hour with the GOP front-runner on the issue of immigration.