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CNN D.C. Bureau Still Working Off Generator

CNN's Washington Bureau was into its second day working with backup power. A spokesperson said PEPCO, the local utility, was working on the power outage and had given them a midnight Wednesday estimate for getting their power back, according to a CNN staffer speaking on background.

Wolf Blitzer was forced to do his Situation Room broadcast Tuesday from a makeshift studio outside the building, "schlepping" laptops and gear down most of a dozen flights of steps "without missing a beat."

Blitzer was on Capitol Hill Wednesday interviewing Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) about his Twitter photo flap and doing the show from a Capitol Hill set. King was out Wednesday.

John King did his prep by candlelight Tuesday, said the staffer, before doing his show from the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill.

CNN has been running its D.C. shows off generator power. Even working off generators and with staffers working from home, CNN managed to put out a breaking news alert on the debt ceiling before the competition, said the staffer.