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Clinton Outraises Trump by Large Margin

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the super PACs backing her have outraised Donald Trump and his supporters by almost a quarter of a billion dollars.

That is according to the Center for Responsive Politics based on Federal Election Commission data as of June 27.

Clinton's campaign has raised $84,815,067 and super PACs a whopping $229,303,008, for a grand total of $314,118,075.

By contrast, the Trump campaign has only raised $3,294,908 and super PACS $63,055,659 for a total of $66,350,567.

Contributions from the communications sector are even more unbalanced, with Clinton pulling in more than 30 times as much money at $29,102,763 to Trump's $224,666.

Of course, the Democratic dollars were only spread over two candidates, while Republican money went to over a dozen candidates, including nine who raised more than Trump from communications companies.